I'm Raffael Görich, 

an Interdisciplinary designer with more than 12 years of experience developing creative solutions for clients such as Media-Markt, Granini Eckes, Ravensburger, Tennispoint, Kino on Demand, Telekom, Infoplus, Factor-a part of DEPT, Robinson Club, Kimberly-Clark, Crowdfox, HipHop.de, and many more. 
Passion-driven and full of energy with skills in conceptualization, design and campaign development, UX/UI, webdesign, visual identity, art direction and photo shooting production. 
Born in Germany, currently living in Cologne, holding a degree in Graphic Design from Richard-Riemerschmid Design School Cologne (Germany). Co-founder of Blackpattern UG and Kölnparty.de
...and I really love movies. Check out my IMDb lists. It's worth it :)
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